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Furnace Cleanings

Ensure your heating system is operating safely and efficiently with an annual cleaning and tune up.  Performed by our fully licensed and expertly trained technicians, annual maintenance on your unit not only avoids additional service calls, but helps you conserve your oil and your money!  A well cleaned unit uses less fuel to keep your home warm and comfortable.  Running an unclean furnace could waste up to 30% of your full tank of oil.

Active Oil Customers

  • Priority Scheduling
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Discounted Rate

Non Oil Customers

  • Limited Appointment Availability
  • Payment Due at Cleaning

Annual Furnace Cleaning and Tune Up includes:

  • A thorough tune up of your oil burner and all controls

  • Complete brush and vacuum of your heating system and smoke pipe

  • Lubrication of all working components

  • Oiling and adjustments to ensure maximum operating efficiency of your burner

  • Inspection of your oil tank

At the discretion of the service technician, additional labor may be charged for units that are not maintained annually.

Service Plans

Breakdowns, repairs and after hours service calls can be costly and unexpected. Be prepared for the unexpected with our Service Plans! Our  Service Plans can help lessen the financial burden of unforeseen repair costs. Our plans not only include an annual furnace cleaning but discounts on parts and labor too!

Details Coming Soon!

24 Hour Emergency Service

Should you experience a  problem outside of our normal operating hours, our fully licensed technicians are on-call 24 hours a day to offer emergency boiler and furnace services.

24 hour emergency service is available to our active oil customers only.

When to Call

If there is a fire or you smell smoke, please call 911 before calling us.

No heat? No hot water?  Causes can range from something as simple as the flick of a switch to the worst case scenario, a cracked boiler. Avoid unnecessary service calls by checking these seven things first!

If Your Burner Fails to Start

Furnace & Boiler Installations

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Now is the time to upgrade!

If your heating system is over 10 years old, it’s time to consider replacing it with a new energy efficient unit. Older furnaces often perform poorly and can be noisy. Inefficient furnaces not only burn more oil, but they can cause a variety of problems that lead to unnecessary heating costs. It is not uncommon for furnaces to break down due to age, but in some cases the repairs might cost more than a new furnace would! There are countless types of boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters on the market to suit every need and budget – we install and service them all!

If you are considering replacing your furnace or boiler, please contact our office to set up an appointment. One of our technicians will inspect your current heating system and recommend which replacement options will work best for you based on your usage and budget.

Studies show that heating system upgrades can reduce your annual energy expenses by 30-40 percent and pay for themselves in just a few short years through these savings. Now, you can make that payback come even quicker and start saving immediately with the Upgrade & Save – Connecticut Energy Efficiency and Safety Rebate Program. Through this program, you’ll receive:

  • $650 for the replacement/high efficiency upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace or boiler to an AFUE of 90% or more.

  • $300 for the replacement/high efficiency upgrade of an existing oil-fired boiler to an AFUE of 85%to 89%.

  • $300 for the replacement/high efficiency upgrade of an existing oil-fired furnace to an AFUE of 83%-89%

  • Limit of one rebate per household

These rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis and for a limited time only, so don’t put your heating equipment upgrade off until next year. Talk to us about Upgrade & Save – Connecticut today!

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Oil Tank Replacement

Is your oil tank over 30 years old? Is it showing visible signs of wear? Oil tanks wear from the inside out and it is nearly impossible to predict when a tank is near the end of its life. If your tank is of considerable age or showing any signs of seepage, the pressure and weight of future oil deliveries could further weaken your tank. We urge you to be proactive about replacing your oil tank. Doing so can avoid any leaks or blow outs and prevent potentially costly clean ups.

While we do install conventional steel oil tanks, we also install Roth double walled storage tanks. Roth tanks have outstanding benefits:

Both conventional and Roth tanks may be eligible for a rebate from the Upgrade & Save Connecticut program. Contact us today to find out more!

  • 30 Year Warranty

  • Double Walled

  • Top Connections

  • Rust Free Inside & Out

  • Exceed Industry Safety Regulations

Both conventional and Roth tanks may be eligible for a rebate from the Upgrade & Save Connecticut program. Contact us today to find out more!