Benefits of Oil Heat

Reliable, affordable and renewable, learn about the countless benefits of oil heat.

Oil Heat is Safe

  • Unlike gasoline and natural gas, oil is an extremely safe method of home heating. In a liquid state, oil is not combustible and non explosive. In order for oil to burn, it must be heated to above 140 degrees – the temperature at which it begins to vaporize. Natural gas on the other hand can explode even at room temperature should a leak occur…“Go Gas, Go Boom!”

  • Oil displays visible warning signs should a problem arise. Easily detectable, smoke and soot are byproducts of an oil system malfunctioning. Natural gas, produces deadly carbon monoxide FIRST then soot or smoke second, if at all. Carbon monoxide is deadly and dangerous. Regardless of fuel type, all homes should be equipped with working carbon monoxide detectors and heating systems should be maintained and inspected annually by a licensed heating technician.

  • Oil tanks today are reinforced and safer than ever before. Made with state of the art steel, many of these tanks feature double walled containment systems thus making them  resistant rust. They also come with substantial warranties! Visit our heating services page to learn more about these tanks.

Oil Heat is Efficient

  • New heating systems and equipment are state of the art. They boast efficiency ratings of 95% resulting in more warmth and less fuel burned. Most heating systems available today are Energy Star rated. These high efficiency ratings translate into big energy savings for consumers!

  • The oil heat industry is incredibly innovative. It is constantly evolving to adapt with the latest technologies available to provide customers with the best experience possible.

Oil Heat is Local

  • Oil heat dealers are members of your community. We are a third generation, family run business. Not only do we provide service to the community but we are active in the community. Our employees are your neighbors. Our kids are in the same classes as your children and grandchildren – they play on the same sports team. We attend the same churches and visit the same doctors. We care about the community and we care about YOU.

  • Oil heat dealers give back to the community. Through organized charities, local donations and participation in low-income energy assistance programs, your oil heat dealer strives to make a difference in your community!

Oil Heat is Flexible

  • There are so many different options available to consumers when heating with Oil. In any one area there can be numerous, independent oil dealers. Oil heat is not a monopoly – customers aren’t restricted like they are with natural gas and electric conglomerates. It is your right as a consumer to pick the dealer that best aligns with your values and meets your needs.

  • These dealers offer a variety of services that again can be tailored to meet your specific heating needs, like automatic or will-call delivery, budget plans or pay as you go!

  • With oil heat, you can decide where to install your oil tank. You can put in your basement, garage, utility room or even outside.