Is your oil line up to code?

What is an oil line and why should I be concerned?

An oil line is the supply line that carries oil from your oil storage tank to the furnace. In older homes, oil lines were typically buried underground or encased directly in a basement’s concrete floor.

Composed of brass, copper, iron or steel, these lines were not constructed to withstand the test of time. They are highly susceptible to corrosion from moisture in soil, concrete and water exposure in addition to breaks from the natural shifting and settling of the concrete and soil they are buried in. This wear and tear can lead to leaks resulting in damage to your property and the environment. Since these lines are often underground, leaks often go undetected. Oil can seep into the soil around your foundation, not only contaminating the soil but groundwater as well. Remediation is a costly and complicated process. Regulated by the DEP, clean up for major spills will likely require excavation of the contaminated area; which is very disruptive to you, your family and even your neighbors. However, the good news is your threat of a leak can be eliminated with just a minor upgrade!

How do I protect my oil line?

To prevent potentially dangerous oil leaks, your existing line should be replaced with a new flexible oil line protected by a non-metallic sleeve. This sleeve encases the oil line and protects it from corrosion and physical damage. Lines can be run on the floor or overhead in conjunction with a product called a Tigerloop. In most cases, the line is replaced during the time of a new furnace or tank installation or upgrade. If your heating equipment is of considerable age, is original to your home or is not visible, then it is extremely likely your oil line is unsafe. We highly recommend your remove and replace your oil line as soon as possible.

Call us today to schedule an appointment or discuss your options with one of our technicians at the time of your annual cleaning! Replacing your oil line is quick, simple and inexpensive preventative measure you can take now to drastically reduce your risk for an expensive and dangerous leak later!

What if my line is already leaking?

If, at any time, you think your oil line or oil tank is leaking, contact us immediately. As a result of the danger to the environment, large spills of ten gallons or more need to be reported to the DEP immediately. Do not think you can clean up a spill by yourself! We have the proper tools and equipment to safely and effectively clean spills. Our 24 hour emergency number is 860-546-9492.