We Have All The Materials For Your Outdoor Projects!

 Since the early 1970’s, Ed’s has been manufacturing top quality sand and gravel, crushed stone, fine screened loam and much more. We are proud to provide superior materials for all of your projects, big or small!  Examples include, septic systems, driveway, road and lawn bases, horse rings, pools, volleyball courts and even beach sand. All materials can be picked up at our pit location on Route 169 or delivered throughout Eastern Connecticut. Give us a call today or submit a delivery quote request below!

Ed's Garage, Inc. Sand and Gravel Screened Loam


All prices listed below are for material picked up at our pit location on Route 169 in Canterbury. Material is weighed on our scale by ton or yard. Prices are subject to change.

All materials can be delivered; delivery prices are based on location and quoted upon request.

If you are interested in having material delivered, please submit a Delivery Quote Request below or call us at 860-546-9492.

Our pit is open Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m.

Washed Sand $11.50 / Ton
Screened Sand $10.50 / Ton
1 1/4″ Stone $11.50 / Ton
3/4″ Stone $11.50 / Ton
1/2″ Stone $11.50 / Ton
3/8″ Stone $11.50 / Ton
Processed Gravel $11.50 / Ton
Bank Run Gravel $6.50 / Yard
Fill $5.50 / Yard
Silt $6.o0 / Yard
Unscreened Loam $15.00 / Ton
Screened Loam $17.00 / Ton
Subsoil $6.50 / Yard
Sand $25.00 / Load
Stone $25.00 / Load
Loam Weighed by Ton

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Ed's Garage, Inc. Sand and Gravel Loam Delivery