Local Students Participate in Community Involvement Project

Principal of Dr. Helen Baldwin Middle School, Ryan Earley, posed an ever important question to his students – Why Canterbury?

Why do families choose to live here? Why do businesses choose to operate here? What goes into operating the town? How has Canterbury changed over the years? To fully answer these questions, each grade interviewed different members of the community; family members, local senior citizens, business owners and town officials. After their interviews, students were to create presentations of their findings.

In April, we visited the school to discuss our business with the seventh grade students. The students asked questions pertaining to the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities that come with having a business in Canterbury. Their insightful questions definitely kept us on our toes! At the end of the month, the students, along with teacher James Yaworski, visited our locations for a tour of our operations to better understand just what we do here at Ed’s.

Students from Dr. Helen Baldwin School visit Ed’s Garage, Inc.

Their project culminated in June at the school’s first Why Canterbury Expo. The seventh graders made brochures filled with the details they gathered over the past few months. We were so impressed with their brochures and all the hard work they put into their finished projects! Check out some of them below.

DHBMS 7th Grade Student’s Business Brochures