September is just a few short weeks away which means the new heating season will be here soon! While you may not want to think about turning that thermostat on, it’s time to think about budgeting your upcoming heating expenses. Our Budget Plan can help you prepare for winter!

To help ease the burden of heating your home, we offer a Budget Plan. Our budget plan eliminates the stress that comes from unpredictable, fluctuating winter bills. Open to all Ed’s customers in good standing, our Budget Plan takes the cost of heating your home and breaks it into ten, manageable, fixed monthly payments. Did we mention these payments are interest free?!

Budget Plan FAQs

How do I determine my payment?
Call or email us! We’ll calculate your budget payment using your usage from previous years and a forecasted rate per gallon. There is no enrollment fee!

What if I still owe at the end of the budget plan? What if I have a credit?
If it becomes apparent throughout the heating season that your payment amount is too high or too low, we will adjust accordingly. Any balances leftover after your last payment in June will be due in full in July. Credit balances will be applied to your following heating season’s budget amount.

I haven’t gotten a delivery yet. Do I still need to make a payment?

Yes. Payments are due each month starting in September whether or not you’ve had a delivery yet.

What happens if I miss payments?
Consecutively missed payments will result in removal from the budget plan and interest will be charged accordingly.

Is my furnace cleaning included in my budget amount?
No. Basic Furnace cleanings are not included in your budget amount. However, if you are an automatic delivery customer on one of our service plans, we can include the cost of your plan into your budget plan payment.