Spring has officially arrived and brought another nor’easter along with it! Regardless of the lingering chances of snow and chilly temps,  an end to winter is in sight. With warm weather comes flowers, flip flops and you guessed it, furnace cleanings!

Spring time the best time to take care of your heating system. It worked hard for you all winter long and now is the time to show it some love.

Our furnace cleanings include:

  • A thorough tune up of your oil burner and all controls by our fully licensed technicians
  • Complete brush and vacuum of your heating system and smoke pipe
  • Lubrication of all working components
  • Oiling and adjustments to ensure maximum operating efficiency of your burner
  • Inspection of your oil tank

Annual maintenance on your unit not only avoids additional service calls, but helps you conserve your oil and your hard earned money too!  Did you know a well cleaned unit uses less fuel to keep your home warm and comfortable?

Furnace cleanings are scheduled year round, Monday through Friday. Be sure to book your cleaning early as appointments fill up quickly! 

Don’t forget, spring isn’t just for furnace cleanings – it’s also the ideal time to replace or upgrade your heating system and/or oil tank!  If you are considering replacing your furnace or oil tank, contact us today  to set up an appointment for a free, no obligation quote! One of our technicians will inspect your current heating system or tank and recommend which replacement options will work best for you based on your usage. There are countless options available to suit any budget.  Plus, you may be eligible for a rebate of up to $650 from the Upgrade and Save Connecticut program. Rebate availability is limited and provided on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay! Visit our heating services page for more info.

Happy Spring!